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Clearly Creative Space

Clearly Creative Space is a space where you can think clearly and creatively about your work. Where you can explore your challenges and ideas on your own, or with your team.


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Clearly Creative Space is just what is says on the tin. It's a space where you can think clearly and creatively about your work. Where you can explore your challenges and ideas on your own, or with your team.

You'll be guided in your thought process using classic coaching and mentoring techniques to come to your own solutions. You'll learn techniques and tools to help you structure your thinking and shape your ideas right there in the session, that you can then use when you're back in your organisation.

In 90 minutes, you won't necessarily have all the answers, but you will have action points to get you closer to them.

Sounds easy? Well, no, it's not. It's hard work. A lot of very tricky thinking.

The end result? Deeply satisfying and impactful change.

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Sometimes you need to work on your business with confidence, in confidence. Clearly Creative Space allows you to do just that. Nothing said in the session goes any further. And the agenda is totally set by you, not me. This enables you the freedom to say aloud your worst fears, your greatest hopes and work out how to navigate towards your chosen goals. Whether it's managing your work/life balance, relationships with colleagues, handling difficult clients or planning a growth strategy, 90 minutes of clear, creative space will help you move forward.

Products & Services explore creative ideas

As well as the sticky business problems, there are also creative ideas that need chance to breath. Having set up several different business from dog-themed tea towels to a book about CVs, I have a great deal of experience thinking through new ideas and ventures both creatively and practically. I've also worked with some brilliant marketeers from big clients like Coca Cola, Unilever, helping them shape their marketing messages into stories that help them sell.

Products & Services build a team

The skills and tools you learn within the session are easily brought back into your organisation, so the investment you make can benefit can be cascaded down to your whole organisation. Alternatively, engaging in a session as a team, you can find new ways to solve problems, work together, build new ideas, products and solutions quickly.

Products & Services improve your presence

It's expected to have a LinkedIn profile, but most people only use a small fraction of the tools available on what is an incredibly powerful site. Get some expert help in setting you profiles up, making sure you know how to make the best impression, know all the ways to get people interested in the work you do, and build a strategy for using LinkedIn to win more work or find a new job.

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