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Our talented Consultant HR Directors provide oustourced HR services to SME's throughout Kent and the surrounding counties. We work on a flexible basis to support the needs of your business, from the basics of ensuring you are legally compliant to the mor

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Dakota Blue Consulting work with a wide variety of Small and Medium size businesses across Kent delivering HR support to Start-ups employing for the first time all the way through to larger SME's who need support with developing their people management activities.

We help small businesses to put in place the basic HR requirements to ensure legal compliance (e.g. contracts, handbooks, interview support, etc) and help with managing the admin.

We help larger businesses who cannot afford full-time HR Director/Manager support to critically evaluate their people management activities and to implement ones that will ensure full employee engagement delivering improved business performance. This is usually on a project or part-time HR Director support basis.

We have various ways in which you can buy our services to suit all different budgets, such as pay as you go, monthly retainers or simply a one-off purchase.

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Products & Services hr for start-ups and small business

Employing your first few members of staff can be a daunting prospect, especially when getting it wrong can be very costly. Dakota Blue Consultants provide clear and practical advice and deliver as little or as much support as you need in the areas of recruitment, employment contracts and employee handbooks, using an HR system to reduce your administration and the requirements for providing a payroll and pension. And if you do get it wrong? Don't worry, we help you to manage those sensitive employee situations in a positive way that avoids damaging working relationships and your company's reputation.

Products & Services part-time hr manager/hr director support

Do you employ a large number of people but not quite at the stage where you can justify employing a full-time HR Manager or Director? Let us help. We can provide the knowledge, expertise and support that you need, when you need it, to deal with all the challenges that come with managing a workforce. We specialise in providing strategic advice on activities that would make a real difference to your business and can help you to implement them over a period of time. (For example, helping you to define the vision and values that will form the culture of your business, refining your performance and development processes, ensuring your pay and rewards are aligned with the results you are looking to achieve, developing improved communication activities to drive employee engagement, etc)

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