Kent Traffic Law

Kent Traffic Law

Court representation by an experienced barrister who defends motorists facing prosecution for road traffic offences whose specialisation is saving driving licences.

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If you, an employee, a relative, in fact anyone you know, is at risk of losing his or her driving licence this should not be taken lightly. I recently received an email from a client informing me that conviction would lead to loss of job and livelihood, consequent loss of home, and, far-reaching repercussions to family life. (Fortunately, following a trial, this particular defendant was acquitted. Had she been convicted she would also have had a most unwelcome criminal record). I have 25 years experience as a barrister during which time I have appeared in courts ranging from Magistrates' Courts , through to Crown Courts (such as the Old Bailey), and the Court of Criminal Appeal in the Strand. I have now set up a niche practice defending motorists
facing prosecution for road traffic offences. My speciality is saving driving licences.

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I have appeared in courts throughout the land as a barrister defending in cases ranging from relatively minor cases such as shoplifting through to the gravest of allegations (such as attempted murder). I have amassed vast experience of trial advocacy. I now bring this to bear in defence of those facing prosecution for road traffic offences. Whether you are accused of speeding, drink driving, driving without due care and attention or any other road traffic offence, you can be confident that you will have the benefit of the best possible defence representation.

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If the reality of your case is that you stand a very small chance of an acquittal I will advise you of this in simple and straightforward terms. Although almost all cases can be contested there are many circumstances in which to do so will not necessarily be the best use of funds (especially as the courts 'give credit' for 'guilty' pleas ie the sentencing is not as severe as it would have been had the case been contested). In many instances 'guilt' is admitted but the client wishes to avoid a driving disqualification or seeks to minimise the length of the disqualification. I specialise in minimising the severity of sentences and in avoiding disqualifications wherever possible.

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When a driver has had 12 penalty points imposed on his or her licence for offences committed within 3 years of each other the courts will impose a minimum 6 month driving disqualification unless the motorist can establish that 'exceptional hardship' would ensue. Loss of job alone does not necessarily mean that exceptional hardship will follow as each case has to be determined on its own facts. This is where experience of the relevant factors that the courts take into account is invaluable along with the expertise in putting the effects of a ban across to the court in the most persuasive manner possible.

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Throughout the last century if you required the services of a lawyer you were compelled to approach a solicitor as you were not allowed to engage the services of a barrister yourself. If a barrister's services were required the solicitor had to instruct the barrister on your behalf. You now have the option of engaging a solicitor or a barrister yourself. If you opt for the latter you avoid any duplication of time and costs that might otherwise have occurred. You are also able to go straight to a specialist in the field of expertise you require. I am a qualified 'public access' barrister meaning that the public can instruct me directly without engaging the services of a solicitor. I also accept instructions from solicitors on behalf of their clients when appropriate.

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