sharon goodyer ltd

sharon goodyer ltd

bar15 is the original baked oat cereal bar WITH NO ADDED SUGAR.

Located 200 Margate Road, Ramsgate, CT12 6AQ



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Are you a cafe, a sports centre , an independent retailer, a health food shop?
Your customers are looking for a choice of NO ADDED SUGAR snacks.
We make and supply bar15 the original baked oat cereal bar with NO ADDED SUGAR. LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD
by the woman who baked the cake that built the car in the popular and successful TV Skoda car advert.

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Products & Services healthy treats

We supply by post/courier a range of NO ADDED SUGAR baked oat cereal bars . Delicious, bar15 fills you up for fewer Calories. bar15 releases its energy slowly and contains noempty Calories.

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