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B2B buyers, like all customers, rely heavily on available online marketing ‘content’ as a means of researching suppliers and brands when making purchasing decisions!

Smaller businesses are often more nimble, offer better levels of service and provide better overall value compared to larger competitors - but we often go unnoticed because we simply aren’t on our customer’s radar!

In particular, we struggle to be seen in the increasingly PPC/AdWords dominated search marketing space and so have to work that much harder to avoid going completely unnoticed at this key research stage!

Furthermore, we aren’t well practiced at creating engaging marketing content or articulating the business ‘value add’ our individual buyers are looking for. With very little social media presence or understanding of how to engage with customers using an online ‘content marketing’ strategy, many small businesses default to competing in a highly ‘commoditised’ marketplace often on price!

To solve these problems, help your business get noticed and win more business locally, we’ve created an online community where businesses can promote themselves, directly ‘engage’ with potential customers through our platform and make the right business connections to grow their business!

On an customer engagement level, we work by being neither threatening or intrusive as a sales tactic – we are a platform that provides useful ‘value add’ information through our members content which decision makers in our wider business follower community can choose to act on or ignore according to their needs!


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Business Profile & User Search Result by Keyword/Category

Social Media Promotion of Community Discussion Posts, Testimonials, Blogs

Bi-weekly email update of Members Community Discussion Posts, Blogs

Unlimited Quote Requests via Website Profile

5* Customer Reviews & Profile Testimonials

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£50 + VAT per month
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All the benefits of our 'Entry' Package, plus...

Business Profile with Prioritised User Search Result

Personal Business to Business Member/Non Member Introductions

Biz Connect Radio Show LIVE Interview & Promotion


Bespoke B2B Communications Plan using the SMB Media Platform

Fully Integrated with your Business Marketing Plan

All the benefits of our ‘Premium’ Package but with ongoing Marketing Content Plan, WIP Status Meetings & Google, Social Media & email Analytics

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